Action 2.5 : Czech catalogue

Revision of the national Czech catalog


A national Czech catalogue of earthquakes is still missing. Currently, seismic hazard assessment studies rely on the use of personal datasets, elaborated independently by individual Czech experts. The goal of this action is to update and share a new version of the Czech catalogue with the international community of seismologists. The main scientific objective is to reduce epistemic uncertainties in earthquake locations over the Czech Republic area, and to develop collaboration so as to benefit from the FCAT-17 return-on-experience.


Czech National Earthquake Catalogue – Area of interest

Program of research

  • Digitalize the Kárník’s catalogues, which are the fundamental inputs for catalogue revision.
  • Extract events (records) with epicenters on the Czech Republic territory and its close surroundings, resp. in source zones covering (also partly) the Czech Republic territory.
  • Develop the instrumental part of the catalogue for earthquakes recorded since 1978.
  • Revise of all catalogued events in terms of record reliability, epicentral coordinates, intensity and/or magnitude estimates, other parameters…
  • Verify historical sources of information (i.e. chronicles, older catalogues, publications, newspapers, and macroseismic questionnaires) as well as instrumental records.
  • Deploy a unified moment magnitude scale.
  • Produce a background study describing the work methodology, used sources and instrumental records and a discussion on selected events.
  • Create a web application for the sharing of the catalogue. Publish results in a peer-reviewed international scientific journal.
  • Incorporate the Czech National Earthquake Catalogue update into compiled Regional Earthquake Catalogue for Temelin and Dukovany NPP regions, Czech Republic. 
  • Review the existing European SHEEC catalogue and eventually make recommendations for its revision.


  • Type: Research study
  • Collaboration: CEZ, I. Prachar (consultant), J. Pazdirkova (institute of Physics of the Earth, Brno)
  • Status: In progress (started in 2017)