Action 2.2 : Archeoseismicity

Develop new methods for archeoseismicity


  • Explore the structural characteristics of heritage buildings
  • Understand the behavior of masonries under seismic load
  • Involve a multi-disciplinary team of archaeologists, seismologists, structural engineers and architects

Program of research

  • Develop a methodology to estimate peak ground motion from the analysis of historical buildings
  • Characterize the response of historical buildings under seismic load by combining on-field measurements, structural/architectural perspective and mechanical modelling.
  • Use ambient seismic noise techniques to characterize the frequency response of selected historical buildings.


  • Type: Post-doc, Internship, Research study
  • Collaboration: G. Poursoulis (consultant), ENS Paris-Saclay, EDF
  • Status: In progress (started 2017)

Archeo seismicity