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SIGMA-2 is a R&D project on seismic hazard assessment

Funded by a consortium of industrial partners operating, managing and controlling facilities, including nuclear installations. Consortium partners share a common interest in improving seismic hazard assessment practices within an open collaboration framework.

Sigma2 funding partners

SIGMA-2 sets up a high standards framework for an international collaboration between industry, consultants and public institutions  in the field of seismic hazard assessment. Our research is meant to become publicly available, and to contribute to the improvement of international standards in seismic engineering. SIGMA-2 research products aim at delivering an improved representation of seismic ground-motion, adapted to local site conditions, with a particular emphasis on low seismicity areas.

SIGMA-2 promotes user-driven R&D actions

The project organization has been elaborated so as to strengthen the link between researchers and seismic/civil engineers. On one hand, SIGMA-2 research actions rely on the excellence and commitment of a large panel of international scientific partners. On the other hand, bi-annual workshops offer the opportunity to conduct extensive technical discussions/reviews with end-users and to anticipate future impacts on seismic hazard assessment. On top of this, members of SIGMA-2 Committees also provide guidance, reviews and technical contributions, so as to guarantee the high quality of scientific outcomes.


A program of 60+ R&D actions.

SIGMA-2 R&D initiatives are organized into 6 Work Packages, with expected contributions at every step of the seismic hazard assessment process: