Action 2.6 : 3D crustal velocity model for France

Develop a 3-D crustal velocity model for metropolitan France area


Gather existing information on geological provinces and boundary, and associate these results with seismological data so as to produce a 3-D crustal velocity model over the France metropolitan area. The main interest is provide more constrained crustal velocity information for earthquake locations in metropolitan France, in particular for areas covered by a loose seismological network.

Program of research

  • Identification of major discontinuities in France
    • Compilation of geological & geophysical boundaries
    • Aggregation of existing velocity models
  • Development of 3-D velocity model for France
    • Evaluation of existing methodologies
    • Application of the selected method over the target area

Velocity model

From B. Gaite et al. 2014


  • Type: Internship, Research study
  • Collaboration: EDF
  • Status: In progress (started in 2017)