3rd Annual Symposium

On 21/11/2019 from 08:30 at 17:30

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Preliminary Agenda

8h30                   Social Breakfast
9h00 – 17h30     Program

Morning Session

E. Viallet - Introduction
V. Alves-Fernandes - Influence of non-linearity modeling strategies for 1D ground response analysis (30 min)
F. Lopez-Caballero - Development of a multi-tool virtual site for a benchmark on nonlinear site-response analysis (30 min)
S. Kotha - From a Regionalized Ground-Motion Model for Europe and Middle-East to site-specific seismic hazard assessments in low-to-moderate seismicity regions  (30 min)
N. Abrahamson - Non-ergodic GMPE and associated epistemic uncertainties in PSHA  (temporary title, 30 min)
I. Zentner - PSHA testing and comparison of PSHA practice for uncertainty propagation in France and Germany (temporary title, 30 min)
M. Nakajima - PSHA in Japan (temporary title, 30 min)

Afternoon Session

K. Manchuel - Active tectonics and dating methods: towards a SIGMA-2 RESIF workshop (15 min)
S. Mazzotti - Active deformation process and quantification in relation with French metropolitan seismicity (30 min)
R. Paolucci - Ground Motion for site-specific seismic hazard assessment from physics-based simulations (30 min)
F. Hollender - Factors influencing the high-frequency attenuation at high-frequencies (30 min)
K. Manchuel/P. Traversa - SIGMA-2 actions for an improved FCAT catalogue  (30 min)
O. Sèbe - Earthquake magnitudes obtained from seismic coda analysis (30 min)

EDF-Lab 7 boulevard Gaspard Monge, 91120 Palaiseau